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Our home learning pictures

Aimee has been really busy in the garden helping her mum and Grandma grow some beans and peas.

She is going to be potting tomatoes and aubergines tomorrow. Yum!


Green Fingers!

Green Fingers! 1
Green Fingers! 2
Green Fingers! 3

Mythical Creature Care

Mythical Creatures

Mythical Creatures 1
Mythical Creatures 2

Mythical Creature Care

Picture 1

Fantastic Mythical creatures and information on how to care for them.

Well done Aston, Taya and Georgia. :)

Christian Beliefs

Well done Aimee!

You have thought really carefully about this and written a very deep and meaningful piece. 


Wartime Chocolate Cakes

Wartime Chocolate Cakes 1
Wartime Chocolate Cakes 2
Well done Georgia and Aston, these cakes look delicious. Apparently they don't taste as good as they look do they Georgia!

Imogen made her own popcorn box before her cinema night!

Imogen made her own popcorn box before her cinema night! 1

Ancient Greek Gods

Ancient Greek Gods 1
Ancient Greek Gods 2
Ancient Greek Gods 3

Volcano Eruption!

Volcano Eruption! 1
Thankfully Georgia stood back before it started erupting!

Chocolate chip banana loaf

Chocolate chip banana loaf 1
This looks delicious Georgia!

Greek Vases

Greek Vases 1
Greek Vases 2
Some beautiful Greek vases. Well done Lucas and Georgia.  :)

Volcano work Well done Aimee

Enjoying the sunshine!

Enjoying the sunshine! 1
Taya has been enjoying the sunshine with her sisters and riding her bike!