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Class 3

Welcome to class 3

Summer 2017 topic - What the Dickens was life like?


This term our topic is all about the Victorian era. We will be finding out what life was like for children during this period of time and the differences between schooling then and now. We will be studying some famous stories written by Charles Dickens as well as finding out about the very famous Sherlock Holmes.

Topic Homework Booklet - Summer Term 2

Year 5 Topic Homework

Bread Making

Class 3 thoroughly enjoyed it when they got to taste a variety of different bread products from Warburtons and then make their very own bread.
Well done to all of those children in class 3 who took part in the cross country race on Tuesday 28th February. You were all brilliant!



Spring 2017 Topic - I've Got The Power!


This term our topic is related to World War Two. We will be looking at a number of questions including:

How did Hitler convince a nation like Germany to follow him?

We will be visiting Swindon's Steam Museum to experience being evacuees and what it would have been like in an Air Raid Shelter.

We made our very own shelters!

Our visit to The Steam Museum in Swindon - focusing on World War Two Evacuation and experiencing time in an Air Raid Shelters.

Robotics Workshop

Class 3 thoroughly enjoyed today. They built their own robots and then programmed them to move and even play a game of football! 

Our topic this term is all related to two questions:

Will we ever send another human to the moon?

Will you ever see the water you drink again?

This terms topic homework

Our edible nativity scenes

Our Trip to Tesco - Farm to Fork

When we went to Tesco, we had a tour of the shop (including the back areas!) We took part in lots of activities including tasting lots of different food including bread and cheese. We also made our own muesli as you can see in the pictures. 


Class 3 went to SkillZone with the year 5 children from Lydney. We had a brilliant time in the life-size safety village exploring different situations and how to keep ourselves safe.

Our Autumn Artwork

Our Year 6 children reading out the names of the fallen soldiers in Aylburton on Remembrance Day

Our Aliens!

Why should you visit The Forest of Dean?