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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


Summer 2017


Our topic this term is called "Stones and Bones".  It includes a history study of changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and a scientific study of rocks, soils and fossils.  For more details please have a look at the overview below.

Parent Overview - Stones and Bones

Spring 2017


Our topic this term is "Where My Wellies Take Me...." based on the book by Michael and Clare Morpurgo.  The topic will cover lots of geography, and we will be going out and about, exploring parts of our local area. Find out more about our topic this term, by reading our parent information leaflet below. 

On Tuesday 28th March, Class Two went on a trek to Taurus Crafts, as part of our learning about our local area.  We had lots of questions to help us find out about the centre, and interviewed several of the shopkeepers.  We were surprised to find out how many things you could do there, and enjoyed looking around to answer our own questions, and map making.


We were  also very lucky to have been allowed into the deer park on Lydney Park Estate.  We had fun as nature detectives, and didn't even frighten the deer away!

Trek to Taurus Crafts.

Look where our wellies took us! Into the deer park on Lydney Park estate.

Look at what we found.

Evidence that the deer were here!


Autumn 2016


Our topic this term in Class 2 is "Forest Foragers".  We will be visiting different parts of the Forest of Dean to find out about the hidden history and geography of our local area.  Find out more about our new topic, by reading our parent information sheet. 



Parent Information - Forest Foragers

Topic Homework - Forest Foragers

Our trip to Hopewell Colliery

Our trip to Beechenhurst - October 13th 2016